Bronze sculptures . visual artist


1 Are all bronze sculptures immediately available?

Yes, the sculptures on this website are available.

2 How do I order a sculpture?

Send me a short e-mail but please don't forget to mention the title and number of the sculpture.

3 How can I transfer money to you from the US?

You can do your payment by bank transfer / foreign transfer. Individual customers can pay me upfront, companies may do this afterwards.
Please note the following information at your bank transaction.

IBAN: NL68INGB0001908144
Address: R.W. IJtsma, Hofbeeklaan 13, 6715 EA Ede.
Account number: 1908144
Bank address: ING, Bijlmerdreef 109, 1102 BW Amsterdam (NL).

4 When will my sculpture or statuette be delivered?

Registered mail: delivery in 7 days. ( free shipping )
Express mail: worldwide delivery by end of next day. ( extra costs )

5 Should I have to pay VAT when I buy a sculpture?

No, not if the sculpture is purchased by a company.
Only private individuals in the EU will have to pay VAT.

6 Can I send the sculpture back to you if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you may send a statuette back to me for a refund if: the artwork is undamaged, packaged in the original wooden gift box and within 7 days after receiving.

7 Are the measurements of the sculptures including base?

The overall height is measured, including the base made of Irish Bluestone.

8 Is it possible to discuss an art assignment via e-mail?

Yes, I even prefer to use e-mail in case of commissioned art, this way there are no misunderstandings, only great results!

9 When will a commissioned sculpture be ready?

Generally within two months.