Bronze sculptures by visual artist

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Bronze sculptures and statuettes - human forms.

About my art.

The material I work with is bronze and my subject is the human figure. People are my source of inspiration, men and women, but I prefer the female form to express my own emotions.
I want to express vulnerability and strength in every sculpture.

Sculptures of women.

Extremely tall and slender female figures in bronze, that's the short description of the works of art that I create to express myself.
Curious? Than take a look at the Dutch version of this website.

Corporate art.

I enjoy to create exclusive bronze business gifts and sculptures for an award ceremony very much! For me there is no difference between ART and corporate art! By the way, sculptures for businesses are all available, very useful when you need one quickly!

Sculptures of men and women, theme love and relationship.

It's such a pleasure to design these works of art!
I created them for special occasions such as a marriage or wedding anniversary.


Commissioned art.

I create bronze sculptures for individuals and corporate clients worldwide.
It is often possible to design a sculpture within the
available budget.
Just give me some keywords and I promiss you that
you will be pleased with the sculpture I made for you!
Of course I show you pictures of the wax sculpture
before it's going to be cast in bronze.

An art assignment could be completed within two

I am looking forward to get started, you too?

Do you need more information about a sculpture?
PLease ask, contact me via e-mail or use the order
form above.

Are you planning to buy a bronze sculpture?

On the page questions and answers you can read how
to order a bronze statuette and more.

Did you know that I also made a quite affordable
resin sculpture covered with a layer of real bronze?
This work of art has the same looks as my bronze sculptures, and suitable for many occasions such as a marriage, an awards ceremony or a business event.

Check "bronze sculptures under 500 euro" in the menu.

I hope to hear from you soon!